Artists Marks


  Arne Bang      
  Jacob Bang      
  Axel Bruel      
  Axel Salto      
  Beate Andersen Beate Andersen      
  Berte Jessen      
  beth breyen mark Beth Breyen      
  Bodie Willumsen      
  Carl Hallier    
  Carl-Harry Stalhane      
  Conny Walther      

Einar Johansen


  Ellen Malmer      
  Etienne Van Wonterghem      
  Eva Staeher Nielsen      
  gerd boglund mark Gerd Bogelund    
  Goran Andersen    
  Grethe Helland Hansen      
  Gunnar Nylund      
  Gunter Praschak    
  gunvor olin gronqvist mark Gunvor Olin Gronqvist s    
  Herman A Kahler      

Helga Ostergaard

The first letter in her last name is actually a Danish special character, O and E together. I don't use it above because many who have non-European character sets on their computer will not see it. It looks like this

  Hertha Bengtson    
  Holm Sorensen    
  Ingelise Kofoed      
  inger persson mark Inger Persson      
  Ivan Weiss      
  Jens Christian Jensen    
  Johanne Gerber      
  Jorgen ANdersen Mark Jorgen Andersen      
  Jorgen Mogensen      
  josef simon mark   Josef Simon    
  Kari Christiansen    
  Knud Basse    
  knud kyhn mark Knud Kyhn    
  L. Lindahl      
  L. Hjorth    
  Lisa Larson      
  Marianne Starck      
  Marianne Johnson      
  Maria Philippi    
  mari simmulson and upsala ekeby marks

Mari Simmulson

(Upsala Ekeby)

  Marie Hjorth      
  Nils Thorsson The first mark is from Aluminia. Many of the works of Royal Copenhagen's artists were also produced under the Aluminia name--Actually Aluminia had purchased Royal Copenhagen (Est.1863) in 1882, and produced under both names until 1969, when the Aluminia name was dropped. Nils Thorsson was Artistic Director of Royal Copenhagen from 1949-1975. He developed both the Baca/Bacca and Tenera lines during the 1960s. The second mark here is set inside a circle with radiating rays. This mark identified the Bacca/Baca line. See above the marks of Ellen Malmer and Joanne Gerber from this series..    
  per lutken mark Per Lutken    
  Sigvard Bernadotte    
  Stig Lindberg    
  svend aage jensen mark Svend Aage Jensen    
  Thorkild Olsen    
  timo sarpeneva mark Timo Sarpeneva      
  ulla procope mark   Ulla Procope    
  valdemar petersen's mark Valdemar Petersen/Pedersen      

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen P. 2

Royal Copenhagen Art Nouveau

Royal Copenhagen Figurines

Michael Andersen & Sons

Michael Andersen & Son P.2

Soholm Ceramics

Soholm P. 2

Artists' Marks

Lynn's Bargain Basement

German Ceramics

Arabia, Finland





Bjorn Wiinblad

Bjorn Wiinblad P. 2

Bjorn Wiinblad Month Plates




Miscellaneous 2

Miscellaneous 3

Miscellaneous 4

Miscellaneous 5

Miscellaneous Sold



Glass P 2


Christmas Plates

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