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Gustavsberg Facett vase with a silver inlaid flower

Gustavsberg Facett Vase w/Silver Inlay

7 inches tall, 3 inches by 2 1/4 inches at the top

450 DKK



MI 526                                                                                                                                        weight 550 grams   

Rustic look, wide-mouthed, double-handled jug by an unknown artist

Unknown Artist, Rustic Double-Handled Jug

approximately 4 inches tall, 5 inches across at its widest point

200 DKK


MI 525                                                                                                                                             weight 331 grams   

Small and simple light green vase by Marie Hjorth


Marie Hjorth Small Vase

5 inches tall, 1½ inches in diameter across the bottom

250 DKK

MM 202                                                                                                                                          weight 246 grams   

Unknowm studio tan-colored stoneware vase in a tiered form


Unknown Studio, Stoneware Vase in Tiers

Approx. 6 3/4 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter at its widest point

300 DKK

MM 200                                                                                                                                            weight 394 grams   

(if anybody recognises this signature, I'd appreciate any information you might have about it. Thanks)

Lise Jonas ball vase


Lise Jonas Ball Vase

Approx. 2 3/4 inches tall, 3½ inches in diameter

275 DKK

MM 188                                                                                                                                            weight 269 grams   

Nis Stougaard, Svaneke, Bornholm, vase with running opalescent glaze


Svaneke Vase with Opalescent Running Glaze

Nis Stougaard design

Approx. 4½ inches tall, 3½ inches diameter at the widest point

325 DKK

alternate image   

MM 187                                                                                                                                               weight 251 grams   

Bing & Grondahl sparrow figurine # 1607

Bing & Grondahl Sparrow Figurine

Designer Carl Mortensen (1861-1945)         # 1607

Approx. 3½ inches tall, 4½ inches long, 2½ inches deep

275 DKK

alternate image                  

MM 186                                                                                                                                               weight 129 grams   

russian lomonosov panda figurine


Lomonosov Russian Panda Figurine

Approx. 3 inches tall, 4½ inches long

150 DKK

MM 155                                                                                                                                                weight 140 grams   

chamotte vase in a flat ovoid form designed by tue poulsen


Tue PoulsenFlat Ovoid Chamotte Vase

approximately 2½ inches tall, 5 1/4 inches in diameter

225 DKK

MI 501                                                                                                                                               weight 455 grams   

abbednaes potteri large tw handled vase


Abbednaes Potteri Double-Handled Vase

Artist: Unknown

8 1/4 inches tall, approximately 8 inches across

200 DKK

MM 163                                                                                                                                             weight 1672 grams   


knud basse bear cub figurine


Knud Basse Bear Cub Figurine

approximately 3 inches tall, 3 long

400 DKK

alternate image 12,  3

MM 166                                                                                                                                                 weight 234 grams   

shallow bowl with a fruit motif by hjorth marked 15


Hjorth Shallow Bowl w/Fruit Motif

approximately 5 7/8 inches in diameter,1½ inches high

150 DKK

alternate image 1

MI 507                                                                                                                                                  weight 306 grams   

short cylinder vase from hanne stentoj


Short Cylinder Vase from Hanne Stentoj (Stoneware)

5 inches high, approximately 2 1/4 inches in diameter

100 DKK

MI 508                                                                                                                                                  weight 329 grams   

eared vase by einar johansen own studio done in a matte brown

Einar Johansen, Own Studio, Vase

Brown matte glaze two-eared vase

approximately 5½ inches high, 5 inches in diameter at its widest point

375 DKK

alternate image 1

MI 510                                                                                                                                                  weight 467 grams   

owl figurine designed by emil ruge


Owl Figurine

designed by Emil Ruge

approximately4½ inches tall, 5 inches long

300 DKK

alternate image 1,  2,  3

MI 512                                                                                                                                                  weight 560 grams   

stig lindberg gustavberg karnivalrectangular plate

Rectangular Tray Gustavsberg Karneval Series

artist: Stig Lindberg

6 inches wide , 3 inches high, ½ inch profile

700 DKK

alternate image 1

MI 520                                                                                                                                          weight 213 grams   

nils allen johannesson barsebackhamn sweder amphora-style vase with wide rim around the mouth of the vase.

Barsebackshamn Wide-Lipped Amphora Vase

artist: Nils Allan Johannsson

4½ inches high, 5½ inches wide across the top

250 DKK

alternate image 1

MI 522                                                                                                                                          weight 646 grams   

unmarkedwidemouthed vase incised with a metallic sheen


Unmarked Wide-Mouthed Vase, Metallic Sheen

6 inches high, approximately 6½ inches in diameter at the widest point

200 DKK

MI 523                                                                                                                                                  weight 914 grams   

Black amphora-shaped vase decorated with green stripes by unknown manufacturer

Unmarked Amphora Vase in Black over Green, Green Stripes

7 inches high, approximately 4 inches wide across the handles

175 DKK

there is a very small chip visible in the enlargement of the image on the left, 5 green stripes from the right side of the vase at the level of the handle

alternate image 1

MI 523                                                                                                                                                  weight 480 grams   

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