Soholm Ceramics--from the island of Bornholm
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Soholm Bornholm ceramics tall vase decorated with stylized floral design

Soholm Tall Vase, Stylized Flower Design

Artist: unknown

Product # 3635-2

8 1/4 inches tall., 4 1/4 inches across the top

475 DKK

alternate view   Soholm Bornholm ceramics tall vase decorated with stylized floral design

  SO 149                                                                                                                    weight: 1289 grams

Soholm Bornholm ceramics tall vase decorated with stylized floral design  marks 3635-2    
Blue Soholm vase with white flowers in reliefe designed by Rigmor Nielsen

Soholm Vase, Flowers in Relief

Artist: Rigmor Nielsen

Product # 3306

7 3/4 inches tall., 3½ inches across the bottom

425 DKK

alternate view       Blue Soholm vase with white flowers in reliefe designed by Rigmor Nielsen

     SO 146                                                                                                                       weight: 473 grams
Blue Soholm vase with white flowers in reliefe designed by Rigmor Nielsen  marks    
Soholm fish figure designed by Haico Nitzsche

Soholm Fish Figurine II

artist: Haico Nitzsche

 production number 651

4½ inches tall, 7 1/4 inches long, 3½ inches deep

500 DKK

alternate views  Soholm fish figure designed by Haico Nitzsche            Soholm fish figure designed by Haico Nitzsche                   Soholm fish figure designed by Haico Nitzsche                                   

SO 145                                                                                                                       weight 435 grams

Søholm fish figure designed by Haico Nitzsche  marks    
Soholm fish figure designed by Haico Nitzche

Soholm Fish Figurine

artist: Haico Nitzsche

production number 652

5 inches tall, 5½ inches long, 1½ inches deep

500 DKK

The figure is also signed by Nitzche . It's hard to see, but follow the capital H at the left in the picture set in the larger image.

alternate view  Soholm fish figure designed by Haico Nitzche                                                                  

SO 141                                                                                                                       weight 289 grams

Soholm fish figure designed by Haico Nitzche  marks    
Soholm  square abstract relief  3574-7


Soholm Abstract Wall Plaque

Artist: unknown        production number 3574-7

P 7 inches square

350 DKK

SO 132                                                                                                                           weight: 1130 grams

Soholm  square abstract relief  3574-5


Soholm Abstract Wall Plaque

Artist: unknown        production number 3574-5

7 inches square

350 DKK

SO 131                                                                                                                        weight: 1094 grams

Soholm  square abstract relief  3574-2

Soholm Abstract Wall Plaque

Artist: unknown       production number 3574-2

Product # 3574-2

7 inches square

350 DKK

SO 130                                                                                                                                weight: 1042 grams

Soholm Burgundia vase form by Holm Sorensen and decor by Svend Aage Jensen 2036-1

Soholm Burgundia Vase

Form by Holm Sorensen, Decor by Svend Aage Jensen

Product # 2036-1

7 3/4 inches tall, 3 inches across the top

375 DKK

SO 129                                                                                                                        weight: 316 grams

Soholm tall vase or candle holder 2056-3

Soholm Tall Pinch-Neck Vase

Artist: unknown

Product # 2056-3

10 3/4 inches tall, 3 1/4 inches across the triangular bottom

400 DKK

SO 064a                                                                                                                               weight: 484 grams

Soholm Nord Lys vase designed by Maria Philippi 3313

Soholm Blue & Tan Vase

Nordlys-Northern Lights series

Artist: Maria Philippi 1963

Product # 3313

Approximately 9 inches tall, 2 1/4 inches in diameter on the bottom

                                                                             400 DKK

alternate image    

SO 068                                                                                                                        weight:539 grams

Einar Johansen for Soholm, a double organic vase similar to Axle Salto's Budding series

Double Vase in Organic 'Budding' Style

Artist: Einar Johansen

Production number: 3481

Approximately 10 inches long, 5 inches high, 6 inches deep

550 DKK

alternate image    Soholm double vase     

SO 123                                                                                                                     weight: 1126 grams

Soholm Ceramics finned vase by Einar Johansen L-3401

Soholm Vase W/Fins

Artist: Einar Johansen

Approximately 2½ inches across, 5½inches high

350 DKK

alternate image     Soholm vase with fins  

SO 122                                                                                                                       weight: 343 grams

Soholm Ceramics, Bornholm, Denmark. Either a unique piece from Einar Johansen in the 'budding' style he experimented with or a test piece


Unique or Test Piece Vase in 'Budding' Style

Artist: Einar Johansen

Approximately 4 3/4 inches across, 3½inches high

550 DKK

alternate image      Soholm vase        Soholm vase  

SO 121                                                                                                                       weight: 519 grams

soholm brown green bowl designed by einar johansen


Soholm Brown-Green Glazed Bowl

Artist: Einar Johansen 1960's

Product # 3101

Approximately 5 3/8th inches across, 2 3/8th inches high

250 DKK


SO 004                                                                                                                        weight: 317 grams

soholm erika vase 3232/1


Soholm Short Erika Vase

Artist: Svend Aage Jensen about 1971

Product # 3232/1

4½ inches tall, 4 inches at its widest point

200 DKK

SO 109                                                                                                                           weight: 603 grams

soholm white flower bowl

Soholm Three-Sided Shallow Bowl

Artist: Rigmor Nielsen

Approximately 5½ inches across

150 DKK


SO 019                                                                                                                         weight: 165 grams

soholm biomorphive brown vase 2031

Soholm Biomorphic Brown Vase, Embossed Design

Artist: Holm Sorensen

Product # 2031

7½ inches high

150 DKK

alternate images       Soholm brown vase       Soholm brown vase

SO 110                                                                                                                         weight: 241 grams

soholm hand painted vase depicting a round church, 1940-50 1121

Soholm Handpainted Vase, Round Church Design

Artist: Unknown

Product # 1121         dates to1940-1950

7½ inches high, 3 3/4 inches diameter across the top

350 DKK

alternate image 1 shows a brown discoloration under the glaze that nearly circles the vase. It does not detract from the overall appearance of the vase


alternate image 1

SO 143                                                                                                                          weight: 634 grams 

  Soholm P. 2      

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen P. 2

Royal Copenhagen Art Nouveau

Royal Copenhagen Figurines

Michael Andersen & Sons

Michael Andersen & Son P.2

Soholm Ceramics

Soholm P. 2

Artists' Marks

Lynn's Bargain Basement

Arabia, Finland


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