News at Frejasway


March 15, 2017


At last. I'm in the process of moving back into my home now. It took quite a bit longer than expected and there were some major setbacks along the way, but at last the worst is over. I am so glad to be back into my home. And glad to be able to say that Frejasway is open again. Thanks to everone who has been so patient and kind to me.




1. For each item you want to purchase, make note of the item number (found at the lower right-hand corner of the picture) and name of the item.


2. Send an email to that includes your name, address, and postal code (US Zip code).

3.I will respond with the total cost of your purchase, including shipping charges. If the total charges are acceptable to you, let me know and I will send you an invoice from Paypal that you can use to pay for your purchase(s).

I ship using Post Nord, which is the lowest-priced and most reliable carrier for your order available here in Denmark.

 I have no control over what is charged but I do not add anything to the actual shipping charge for packing and handling. I do add a 4% surcharge on shipping costs because this is what Paypal charges me for receiving money. At this point I cannot offer insurance on your package because the service as provided by Post Danmark covers only that the package will arrive and does not cover any damage en route. I do, however, guarantee that your package will arrive safely. I pack each order carefully, using recycled packing materials to help keep my--and your--costs lower. If there is damage in transit, yor payment will be fully refunded for the damaged item(s).

I hope to make your experience with Frejasway Ceramics as comfortable as you would like it to be. I do my best to describe each item as fully as I can, including any flaws there may be in the items. If there's more you'd like to know about anything,  feel free to email me at


You can return any item within 14 days if you feel the item is misrepresented or has damages I've not mentioned. I try to carefully examine each and every piece that I put up for sale, but I'm human and I do make mistakes.

All the items I have on my site are of a certain age, not new, and they have been used. There may be signs of normal, age-related wear. I only mention it if it is excessive and detracts from the item's appearance