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Soholm Burgundia Split Vase

Soholm Burgundia Split Vase

artists : form Holm Sørensen Glaze & design Svend åge Jensen 1956

Product # 2032

11 inches tall, 5 3/4 inches wide, 1½ inches deep

450 DKK


 SO 014a                                                                                                                                                                                                weight 795 grams

Relief /wall plaque by Svend Aage Jensen for Soholm ceramics of Bornholm, motif, a blue bird Un-numbered.

Soholm Wall Plaque/Relief, Blue Bird

Artist: Svend Aage Jensen


5½ inches in diameter

250 DKK

alternate image            

   SO 125                                                                                                                                weight 340 grams

Soholm vase designed by Noomi and Finn product. number 3630-01

Soholm Blue & Yellow Oval Vase

Artist: Einar Johansen

Product # 3325

3 inches high, 5 inches in diameter at the widest point

250 DKK

alternate image            

   SO 125                                                                                                                                weight 468 grams

Einar Johansen for Soholm EJ64 series blue vase with a cup top  production number 3325

Soholm Blue EJ 64 SeriesVase

Artist: Einar Johansen

Product # 3325

7 inches high, 3½ inches in diameter at the bottom

375 DKK

alternate image        

   SO 037a                                                                                                                                  weight 875 grams

vase from soholm ceramic designed by josef simon, number 3250


Soholm Round, Squat Vase

Artist: Josef Simon


Approximately 5 inches tall, 5½ inches across the bottom

250 DKK

alternate view 1

SO 065                                                                                                                                                            weight 912 grams

soholm vintage vase with a floral motif

Soholm Vintage Floral Vase


Tthis vase is e of the 3rd quality, as indicated by the three lines incised above the logo.. I do see some flaws here, but they are not glaringly obvious. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

250 DKK

alternate view 1,         2

SO 066                                                                                                                                                              weight 507 grams

soholm bowl designed by maria philippi


Soholm Striped Bowl

production # 3183

artist: Maria Philippi

approx. 2 3/4 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter

175 DKK

SO 072                                                                                                                                                                                  weight 427 grams

designed by maria philippi for soholm a small bowl/tray with a spiral pattern in brown on a cream colored background


Soholm Low Bowl/Tray

production # 3184-1

artist: Maria Philippi

approx. 5 3/4 inches in diameter

175 DKK

alternate view 1

SO 100                                                                                                                                               weight 346 grams

soholm vase


Soholm Abstract Patterned Vase

artist: unknown    pre-1950's

6½ inches tall, 4 inches in diameter at the bottom

150 DKK

SO 075                                                                                                                                               weight 634 grams

soholm bowl designed by einar johansen spiral motif

Soholm Bowl, Spiral Pattern

artist: Einar Johansen

1970's        product # 3200-2

7½ inches in diameter, 2 1/4 inches high

125 DKK

alternate view 1

SO 078                                                                                                                                       weight 944 grams

soholm vase designed by einar johansen # 3206

Soholm Tall Incised Vase

Artist: Einar Johansen

6 inches tall, 5½ inchesin diameter across the bottom

Product # 3206

250 DKK

visible on the alternate image is what appears to be a small bubble (about 1 mm) that formed during firing and later cracked

alternate view 1

SO 083                                                                                         weight 1017 grams

soholm blue series square bowl designed by einar johansen 1964 product number 3335

Soholm Blue EJ 64 Series Square Bowl

Artist: Einar Johansen 1964

product number, 3335

7 inches square, 1½ inches high

150 DKK

alternate view 1

SO 087                                                                                        weight 651 grams

soholm small bowl number3218 2 from the decor series designed by noomi backhausen and poul brandborg early 70s

Soholm Small Bowl Decor Series

Artist: Noomi Backhausen, decor & Poul Brandborg, form

product number, 3218/2

4½ inches across, 1½ inches high

75 DKK

alternate view 1

SO 092                                                                                                      weight 257 grams

soholm triangular blue ashtray product number 2128

Soholm Triangular Blue Ashtray

Artist: unknown

approximately 8½ inches long, 5½ inches across the widest point

Product # 2128

175 DKK

alternate view 1

SO 104                                                                                        weight 529 grams

soholm ej 64 series rectangular blue bowl 3334

Soholm Blue EJ 64 Series Rectangular Dish

Artist: Einar Johansen 1964

product number, 3334

8 3/4 inches long, 7 inches wide, 1½ inches tall

175 DKK

alternate view 1

SO 106                                                                                             weight 738 grams

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