Ceramics From Germany


I live less than half an hour's driving time from the German border. and there are a lot of German ceramics that end up here in the southern Jutland area

bay, w.germany vase, bird motif

Bay, W. Germany Bird Motif Vase

Artist: Unknown

8 1/4th inches tall, 5 inches wide

200 DKK

Additional image 1

GE 001                                                                                                                                      weight 800 grams

bay west germany green pitcher form 264


Bay, W. Germany Green Pitcher

Artist: Unknown    Form 264

6 3/4th inches tall, 4 inches wide, 4 inches deep

150 DKK

Additional image 1

GE 003                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

bay west germany brown and tan round vase


Bay W. Germany Lg Vase


Approx. 5½ Inches Tall, 5 3/4th inches in diameter on the bottom

150 DKK

GE 004                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

scheurich germany haresfur glaze vase

Scheurich W. Germany Vase

Artist: Unknown

Approximately 6½ inches tall, 3 inches in diameter on the bottom

200 DKK

GE005                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

strehla germany brown and cream vase


Strehla Brown & Cream Banded Vase

Artist: Unknown

5 inches tall, 5 inches across at the widest point

150 DKK


GE0 07                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

german fat lava vase

Brown & Cream German Fat Lava Vase

Manufacturer: unknown

8 inches tall, 4½ inches in diameter

150 DKK


GE 008                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

arzberg two piece vase and candle holder set signed arnold


Arzberg Vase and Candleholder Set

Signed: Arnold 1980

Vase: 8 inches tall, 3½ inches wide. Candle holder: 2 inches tall, 3½ inches across

200 DKK

GE 009                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

bay west germany fat lava vase

Bay Fat Lava Vase In Brown

Artist: Unknown

Approximately 5 inches tall, 3½ inches in diamtere across the bottom

150 DKK

GE 011                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

schuerich germany brown vase with running glaze


Scheurich Brown Vase

Artist: Unknown

Approximately 6 inches tall, and 3 inches across

150 DKK

GE 012                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

jasba west germany chamotte vase abstract design


Jasba Chamotte Vase w/Handle

Artist: Unknown

8 inches tall, approximately 2 3/4th inches in diameter

150 DKK

Additional image 1

GE 013                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

bay west germany vase



Bay Vase in Gold & Blue

Artist: Unknown

8 inches tall, approximately 3 1/4th inches in diameter

125 DKK

GE 01                                                                                                             weight 800 grams5

west germany blue mottled vase with gold veins

Small Blue Jasba Vase Matte Finish, Gold Accents

Artist: Unknown

3 1/4th inches tall, 3 inches in diameter at its widest point

100 DKK

GE 016                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

strehla german vase flower and vines motif


Strehla Vase W/Raised Accents, Vine Motif

Artist: Unknown

8 1/4th inches tall, 3½ inches in diameter

150 DKK

GE 017                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

west germany vase brown with stripes


Brown Vase (Most Likely Bay) W/Striping and Graphic Figures

Artist: Unknown

8 1/4th inches tall, 4½ inches in diameter

150 DKK

GE 018                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

ruscha decorative wall plate with a deer motif


Ruscha Decorative Plate Deer Motif

Artist: Unknown

8 3/4th inches tall, 7 1/4th inches across

There is a very small fleabite on the bottom rim of the plate that does not distract much from the appearance of the plate. You can see it here

200 DKK

GE 019                                                                                                             weight 800 grams

west germany abstract vase


West Germany Abstract Vase

Artist, Manufacturer: Unknown

7 inches tall, 6 inches at the widest point

150 DKK

GE 021                                                                                                             weight 637 grams

bay red fat lava vase

Bay, W. Germany Red Fat Lava Vase

Artist Unknown

5 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter across the bottom

100 DKK

GE 023                                                                                                             weight 368 grams

GDR bulldog figurine


German Bulldog Figurine

Mfg: Unknown

approximately 5 inches long, 2½ inches tall

100 DKK

Additional images Image 1,                Image 2,                Image 3,              Image 4,                       Image 5

GE 026                                                                                                                                  weight 90 grams

scheurich german heavt-textured  vase in browns and white form 401-20


Scheurich Heavy-Textured Vase

Artist: Unknown

form: 401-20

8 inches tall, 3 inches in diameter at the bottom

100 DKK

Additional image Image 1

GE 027                                                                                                                                  weight 465 grams

rosenthal biscuit vase floral pattern



Rosenthal Biscuit Vase Floral Motif

8 3/4 inches tall, approx. 6 inches in diameter at the widest part

225 DKK

GE 031                                                                                                                                  weight 697 grams

carstens w. germany luxus line vase by dieter peter moon craters

Carstens Luxus Series Vase Moon Craters

Artist: Dieter Peter

manufactured 1960-1970

5½ inches tall, 5½ by 2 3/8 across the bottom

200 DKK

Additional images 1 ,          2

GE 032                                                                                                                                  weight 483 grams

danish vase unknown manufacturer


VEB Haldensleben Light Tan/Burnt Orange Colored Vase

approximately 5 inches tall, 2 inches square on the bottom

125 DKK

GE 033                                                                                                                                  weight 266 grams

Thanks very much to Aghna of http://amazingglazeandlotsofyarn.blogspot.dk/ for identifying this vase's maker

bay west germany handled jug 319/4


Bay W. Germany Handled Jug

5 3/4 inches tall, approx. 5 1/4 inches in diameter at the bottom

225 DKK

GE 034                                                                                                                                  weight 544 grams

rosenthal flash sugar bowl designed by dorothy hafner


Rosenthal Flash Sugar Bowl

Artist: Dorothy Hafner

 4 inches tall, 4 inches wide, 2 inches deep


Additional images 1,             2

GE 029                                                                                                                                  weight 234 grams

rosenthal flash creamer designed by dorothy hafner


Rosenthal Flash Creamer

Artist: Dorothy Hafner

 3½ inches tall, 5 inches wide, 1 3/4inches deep


Additional images 1,         2

GE 030                                                                                                                                  weight 187 grams

strehla oraneg and cream-colored rectangular vase



Strehla Orange And Cream Colored Rectangular Vase

Artist: Unknown

8½ inches tall, 4½ by 2½ inches on the bottom



Additional image Image 1

GE 020



Dumler & Breiden German Vase in red and balck with abstract design


Dumler & Breiden Black & Red Abstract Design Vase

Artist: Unknown

7 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter at the widest point


GE 025

bblue & red fat lava vase


Blue and Red Fat Lava Vase


 form number, 231-15

 6 inches tall, 3 inches in diameter across the bottom


GE 028

German blue banded vase unknown manufacturer


Scheurich Blue Banded Vase

form 210-18

7½ inches tall, 3½ inches in diameter at the widest point


GE 024


Red/Black Fat Lava Vase,

Manufacturer: Scheurich

7½ inches tall, 7½ inches wide, 3½ inches deep


GE 002


Strehla Green Vase

Artist: Unknown

7 inches tall, 5 inches across at the widest point

Marked Import, handmade and item # 7233 (83??)


GE0 06


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