80 DKK per plate. Full sets may be purchased for 800 DKK

Full sets are not always available.

Each plate measures 6 inches in diameter

Plates like these, when not being used as decoration, can used to serve a Danish specialty, open-faced sandwiches. Making these sandwiches can be a work of art, and they taste as good as they look.

Wiinblad's set of 12 plates, one for each month, tell the story of 12 months in a young couple's love affair, starting with the first meeting of the lovers in January then follows them through the year until the birth of their baby in December

80 DKK per plate
Unfortunately the plates in this series are prone to crazing, a problem shared by other Nymolle products. The plates on this page are NOT crazed. I do, however, offer crazed plates at a reduced price.The crazed plates will look fine hanging on the wall because the crazing is only visible upon close inspection.
You can see them here.
Wiinblad Month Plate January

Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate January





WMP 001b                                                                                                                               WMP 001r

Wiinblad Month Plate 

Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate February






WMP 002b                                                                                                                               WMP 002r

Wiinblad Month Plate March

Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate March






WMP 003b                                                                                                                               WMP 003r

Wiinblad Month Plate April

Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate April





WMP 004b                                                                                                                               WMP 004r

Wiinblad Month Plate May

Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate May





WMP 005b                                                                                                                               WMP 005r

Wiinblad Month Plate June

Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate June





WMP 006b                                                                                                                               WMP 006r

Wiinblad Month Plate July

Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate July





WMP 007b                                                                                                                               WMP 007r

Wiinblad Month Plate August

Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate August





WMP 008b                                                                                                                               WMP 008r

Wiinblad Month Plate September

Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate September

'Saison Start '




WMP 009b                                                                                                                               WMP 009r

Wiinblad Month Plate October


Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate October




WMP 010b                                                                                                                               WMP 010r

Wiinblad Month Plate November


Wiinblad Nymolle Month PlateNovember




WMP 011b                                                                                                                               WMP 011r

Wiinblad Month Plate December


Wiinblad Nymolle Month Plate December




WMP 012b                                                                                                                               WMP 012r


Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen P. 2

Royal Copenhagen Art Nouveau

Royal Copenhagen Figurines

Michael Andersen & Sons

Michael Andersen & Son P.2

Soholm Ceramics

Soholm P. 2

Artists' Marks

Lynn's Bargain Basement

German Ceramics

Arabia, Finland





Bjorn Wiinblad

Bjorn Wiinblad P. 2

Bjorn Wiinblad Month Plates




Miscellaneous 2

Miscellaneous 3

Miscellaneous 4

Miscellaneous 5

Miscellaneous Sold



Glass P 2


Christmas Plates

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